Why Choose Us?

Electric Car or Van

Whatever you drive, we can install the best EV charger for you.

Our simple process makes choosing and installing the right charger for your electric vehicle easy. We’ve removed all the stress by being upfront and clear with our prices. With a bespoke range of chargers available, we’ve made sure that you have the best selection of chargers to choose from.

Having an EV charger installed is probably something new to you. There will be terminology, features, and things to think about that you haven’t had to understand before. With so much new information to absorb, make things easier and choose an EV installation team who has the experience and training to take all the stress out of the process.

At Upstate, we understand the processes involved so we’re committed to making the whole process as easy as possible.

Fixed price EV charger installation

We don’t give you an estimate of the costs involved – we provide a fixed price with no extras to worry about. Everything that is required is included in the price we quote and there is nothing added in that you aren’t prepared for. It makes the whole experience simpler when you know exactly what to expect.

Our prices are competitive and transparent – we will answer any questions you have about the costs. If you want to talk to us about the price of installing an EV charger or require a bespoke quotation, please don’t hesitate to email or give us a call.

All our EV chargers are fast charging and smart

There are different types of chargers available for installation. Many of the older style 3-pin chargers take a long time to fully recharge your electric car.

Our chargers can work up to 3.5 times quicker to get you on the move with less downtime. Quicker charging makes using your electric car more convenient and more enjoyable.


We make sure that the cabling is safe from trips by ensuring the lengths installed are correct, neat, and mess-free. The installation is well thought out to keep risk to a minimum.


Not all chargers have a proper earthing facility but ours all do. We use o-pen devices which have proven to be more reliable where safety is concerned.


The chargers we install are compatible with all electric vehicles no matter what make or model you own.


To make sure you receive the grant, we guide you through the application process from start to end. We have lots of experience with applying for OZEV grants and understand the information required so you are approved without fuss.


To be eligible for the grants available from the Government, you need to have your EV charger installed by an approved installer. Upstate is approved making your grant application much easier.