ClipperCreek AmazingE Nema (UNTETHERED)

This task includes the installation of a ClipperCreek AmazingE Nema 14-30 Plug, Level 2, 16 AMP EV Charging Station, and includes all required wiring and breakers for the new circuit. The circuit will be installed within the walls or with an exposed conduit. Upstate Electrical Solutions will supply all wiring and mounting hardware for the installation. Because of the high ampacity (current) of Level 2 Chargers, it is highly recommended you upgrade your electrical panel if it is more than 15 years old. AmazingE Level 2, 16 Amp EV Charging Station with NEMA 14-30 Plug, Up to 15 Miles of Range Per Hour of Charging INTRODUCING the AmazingE: ClipperCreek’s newest edition to the Residential product line. The AmazingE 16 Amp EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) offers 3.8kW of power, allowing you to charge your EV up to 3x FASTER than the Level 1 cord set that came with your car. The AmazingE features a 20′ reach cable with a universal SAE J1772 connector, a 3-year warranty, and comes with travel bags.