Helpful Do-it-Yourself Tips to Get Power Restored to Your Home

Sometimes parts of the electricity in your home will stop working, while other parts seem to work fine. What needs to be determined is if the issue is in the incoming feed to the home or a problem with one or more circuits inside the house that has caused Outlets to Stop Working.

The first step should be to check for a Tripped Circuit Breaker.

The second step is turning each breaker off and reset to the on position.

If steps one and two did not correct the issue, you might have a problem with the power supply from the power company.

Unfortunately, many homeowners pay a service call fee to have an Electrician in Greenville come out and troubleshoot a partial power outage, only to find the issue was with the local power company

One of the fastest ways to determine if the issue might be with the power company is to turn on your electric range or dryer.

If the dryer turns but won’t heat, the problem is likely on your power company’s side.

If the electric range or oven won’t heat up, but the digital clock is still working, the problem is likely on your power company’s side.

If the Stove and or Dryer did not function correctly, your next step should be to contact your local power company.

Duke Energy – 800.777.9898

Greer CPW – 864.848.5500

Laurens Electric – 866.973.7867

If you have checked all your breakers and the power company has confirmed you have the correct voltage supplying your home, but you are still having a power outage, it might be time to call a service electrician to help diagnose the issue and make an electrical repair.