An Everlasting Impact

We’ve created this space to honor and remember Arieanna Sage Ramirez, whose spirit and creativity left an indelible mark on both our lives and the fabric of Priority Electrical Service. As the first team member of what began as Upstate Electrical Solutions, Arieanna was more than just a cornerstone of our company—she was my daughter, a loving mother, and a friend to everyone she met.

Arieanna helped me form Upstate Electrical Solutions in 2015 and quickly became essential to the business, evolving from fieldwork to managing our office. Her artistic touch redefined our brand, from the logos to the designs on our vans and our marketing materials. These elements of her creativity continue to define who we are as a company.

Her passion didn’t stop at our office doors. Arieanna pursued a career in cosmetology, driven by her love for artistic expression and her natural ability to connect with others. Her warmth and genuine interest in people shone through in her work, making her not only excellent at what she did, but also deeply loved by those she worked with.

Arieanna leaves behind her young son, Jason, who carries her artistic talent and compassionate heart. Watching him grow, we see so much of Arieanna in his creativity and kindness.

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  1. Mommy Avatar

    Arieanna I love you and miss you so.

  2. Shundae Judge Avatar
    Shundae Judge

    My bestfriend/ Sister Sister since 2016 and so many memories, not to mention my kids’ godmother. We miss you so much and always make sure to watch videos of ‘Aya’ to lift our spirits for the moment. We miss you so much and the void will never be filled because you cannot be replaced. It’s so much I could say but nothing will change. My most favorite memory is being in the office listening to 90s r&b while it’s pouring raining outside and we are drinking coffee, just singing our hearts out. Goodness you will forever be missed girl. I love you thunderstorms have a different meaning now

  3.  Avatar

    My sweet baby. I wish you knew how much I need my boujie twin here with me. The fact I can’t FaceTime you anymore tears me up. Bestie no one will ever take your place. You gon always and forever have this spot with me. Can’t nobody be you for me. I got the pleasure of knowing you since we were teenagers into our adult years. I’m so blessed to have been able to call you my love and my friend. You were so perfect and smart. Your wisdom at your young bright age was unmatched you intrigued me often.! You fought for me. You chastised me. You were a Gift From God and I can understand why he took you back. I do get it. You was special girl. I wish you stayed best friend. I wish you can meet your god baby. I wish I can hear your calming voice. I wanna drive three hrs to you just to get ice cream and food again so we can see each other n catch up on life. Life this life without you I never thought I’d have to do. I Love You Twin Flame. Watch over your Crazy Geechie Bestie imma need you in spirit fr you know we was notorious for having trouble find us.

  4. David and Lora Hernandez Avatar
    David and Lora Hernandez

    Arieanna you are so loved and will always be missed. You were always such an important part of your dads life. When we last visited he talked about how proud he was of you. And his love for you and Jason. We will always keep your memory in our hearts.

  5. DeVontae Howard Avatar
    DeVontae Howard

    I love and miss you

  6. E Avatar

    my boujie twin flame I feel so incomplete. I literally ache for you. I yearn to hear your voice. A Ramen date would’ve been so perfect today it was raining again here in da chuck. It’s so much that makes me think of you. Subtle things too. I hope you can forgive me for not saying goodbye to you but honestly you know my thoughts on that. I really could use our safe space conversations. I’ll never find another friend another love another protector like you. You literally are my lifetime Flame and I pray I get to see you again in another life. Please watch over me and continue being my safe space from the skies I miss you so much my love.

  7. Sandy Ramirez Avatar
    Sandy Ramirez

    I last saw Arianna about 7 years ago while visiting SC. I’ve always enjoyed spending time with her, whether it was there or here in VA. She was such a pleasure to be around. She was loved by so many and will definitely leave a void in our lives.
    I’ll miss you, girl. Watch over your dad and Jason. ❤️

  8. Linda Sikes Avatar
    Linda Sikes

    Arieanna, you always had an infectious smile, a sense of adventure, and the ability to see beyond boundaries. I miss you and I’ll always love you.
    Grandma Linda

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