When you think of upgrading your home, your mind may first go to a bathroom remodel or new landscaping — but when you factor in getting a return on your investment when you sell your home, you should consider electrical system upgrades that add real value to your home.

In fact, when you find yourself thinking, “How can I sell my home fast?” your thoughts should immediately turn to the three best electrical upgrades that help make your home attractive to buyers, especially younger home seekers. Take a look at the upgrades that really make a difference: EV chargers, LED recessed lighting, and smart home tech. And the extra good news? If you make these upgrades now, you can enjoy them yourself before it’s time to sell.

EV Charging Stations

The demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is growing every year and will continue to do so far into the future. Because of this, one of the most valuable upgrades you can make to your home is the installation of an EV charging station. 

Installations of Tesla Wall Connectors, Tesla Superchargers, and other home chargers, though, must be done by electricians who have experience in this relatively new type of installation. Choosing the right location for an EV charging station is only the beginning of the decisions involved, and outdoor chargers are governed by special regulations. 

Your electrician also needs to understand what type of car charging system your home’s electrical system can reasonably support — and it’s possible that your home will need a substantial upgrade to be able to charge your EV effectively. You may want to, at the same time, consider installing whole house surge protection to protect not just your EV but your entire home and all its electronics.

By adding an EV charger to increase your home value, you not only widen your own options when it’s time for your next car, but you also contribute to the protection of the environment and make your home more attractive to a potential buyer.

LED Recessed Lighting

Think how you would feel if you visited a home you were considering purchasing and found yourself tripping over electrical cables in every room. There’s a reason recessed lighting has become so popular in recent years. It offers a combination of clean design and functional use that attracts home buyers.

Adding recessed lighting lets you provide attractive task lighting in your kitchen and workroom, freshen up the look of your bathrooms, and enhance your own enjoyment when entertaining, reading, or just relaxing. You can aim light exactly where you want it. Recessed lights also make your home more appealing to buyers, who are less likely to reject your home because their personal style doesn’t mesh with the lighting fixtures you’ve been living with.

At Upstate Electrical Solutions, we’re fans of LED recessed lighting, which lasts longer than any other type of home lighting (50,000 hours for many bulbs) and provides beautiful lighting options. If you’re someone who has always loved the warm look of incandescent bulbs, you’ll be happy to know that you can choose the color of light you prefer with LED lights. In addition, because they last so long, you won’t find yourself climbing a ladder to keep replacing bulbs in the ceiling.

Some LED bulbs, known as LED wafer lights, are so small that they only need 1/2 inch of clearance. That makes them an ideal choice to install under your kitchen cabinets, over your workbench or crafting area, in your basements or under-the-stairs cabinets, or even along the edges of your paneling. With these versatile recessed lights, you get the precise look you want — and you add value to your home when it’s time to sell it.

Smart Home Tech

People are asking more from their homes than at any time in history. The potential buyer for your home likely wants to install all sorts of smart home tech — and that means having an electrical panel that can handle the power demands of the future. If you have an older electrical panel, potential buyers may well shy away from your home or demand its replacement as a condition for purchase, fearing the danger of electrical shorts and fires that can so easily occur with out-of-date electrical tech.
One of the smartest choices you can make when upgrading your home’s electrical system is the Leviton Smart Load Center. This cutting-edge circuit breaker system is designed for the smart tech of today’s homes, connecting your electrical system directly to the internet. With it, you can control your home’s power from your smartphone even if you’re not on the premises.

The Leviton Smart Load Center lets you monitor energy consumption and control it, even remotely. This feature keeps you on top of your energy spending and helps you make smart decisions about air conditioning and other electrical use. You can also respond immediately in the event of an emergency, even if you’re not at home.

All these features are what homebuyers of the future are already coming to demand in the homes they want to purchase. Be ready to sell your house fast — and to enjoy the many benefits of today’s electrical system advances yourself — when you add EV chargers, smart home tech, and recessed lighting to your own home.

At Upstate Electrical Solutions, we’re prepared to install any of these cutting-edge new advances in home tech. Contact us today to see what upgrades are right for you.